Cabin Sales

Prices listed are for cabin units only.  The price does not include land or the monthly space rent. Monthly space rent includes garbage service, sewer & water, and Satellite TV, but does not include propane or electric use. 

Some cabin sales are handled by the owners or their agents according to their own needs and requirements.  Some units are being offered by the Resort.  The Hyatt Lake Resort staff will be happy to help prospective buyers to the extent possible, for example, by showing a cabin during their visit.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to rent cabins that they might be interested in purchasing. Renting will provide them with a direct view of the cabin features. Please call the reservation desk to make your reservation now.

Please be aware that the agents are working towards the best interest of their clients who are under contract to them. Hyatt Lake Resort respects their contract.

Cabins that are currently for sale are listed with the appropriate contact.  For additional information regarding the cabins listed below please contact Hyatt Lake Resort at 541-482-3331.  Units being offered may change, please contact us for a current list.

Don't wait too long, as there are only a few cabins left on the mountain.

We have two cabins for sale here at the resort!

Cabin 11 sleeps two and is cozy and cute with a hot tub.

Cabin 8 sleeps four, has an oversized covered deck with a loft and a hot tub. This is an all around great cabin!

For more information about these cabins, call the resort number and ask to speak with Jesse, or leave your information with the front desk. 

Cabin Map: