Rental Policy

Hyatt Lake Resort Rental Policies:
Cleaning and cabin damage policy:.

Please report any damage to the cabin before you leave Hyatt Lake Resort. Although the cabin cleaning fee is included in your rental fee, Hyatt Lake Resort reserves the right to charge an additional $50.00 fee to the credit card holding the reservation if our cleaning staff finds any excessive damage or unsanitary conditions beyond the normal wear and tear. You will be notified of the charges and provided with a receipt for any repairs. Since the hot tubs use recycled water, guests have been asked to shower before entering the spa and asked not to contaminate the hot tubs. Hot tubs that need to be drained and refilled because of cloudy water or other contamination will incur a $75.00 cleaning fee to cover the cabin owner’s costs. 

Hyatt Lake Resort expects you to respect the cabins, and leave them in the same condition you found them in.  This includes doing your own dishes.

Cabin Substitutions:

Hyatt Lake Resort reserves the right to move you to another comparable cabin should the cabin you reserved become unavailable for any reason.

Weather Conditions:

Hyatt Lake Resort is located in a high snow area in the Cascade Mountains. Please keep that in mind when you make your winter reservations. Feel free to contact us about weather and road conditions before you start up the mountain. Ordinary cars are required by law to carry chains on all roads leading to the lake and the mandatory chain signs can be posted at any time even if travel on the valley floor is unrestricted. Drivers who are reluctant to carry chains or who are unable to mount chains are assuming the risk of paying for accommodations or traffic fines if they cannot drive under chain restrictions. The state does not provide chain installers for the lake areas. If you must cancel for any reason we require a 72 hour notice. The credit card holding the reservation will be charged for the first day if you do not cancel within the 72 hours.

Housekeeping Service Information

Campers Cove LLC is committed to ensuring a clean unit at a reasonable price. Services are base on the number of nights reserved.

1-3 Nights – cabins have an initial supply of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths.  Housekeeping will not enter your cabin during this length of stay.*
7+ Nights – One Full Service is provided each 7 days.
Full Service (provided each 7 days): dusting, vacuuming, changing linens and towels, emptying trash, cleaning of bathroom and kitchen, and replenishing soap and toilet paper if needed.*

Refresh Service (Optional Service): Replacing soiled towels, emptying trash, replenishing soap and toilet paper if needed, and making bed with existing linens.*

Optional Refresh Service and/or additional Full Service may be scheduled for a nominal fee – dishes are not washed during either service. Check with the front desk for applicable charges for additional services.

Hot tub towels: Towels for the hot tub are not provided. Please provide your own necessary large “beach” towels since the bath towels are provided for showers.


Please visit the front desk for additional amenities (soap, toilet paper, etc.). If you need to dispose of trash, receptacles are located throughout the property for your convenience. Mail is not delivered on the mountain but many cell phones work well outside the units.